Leave the Biya’s regime now or face the peoples’ revolution


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  1. die no cover eye says:

    this is a good fight
    but when you try once and let go
    then we are just trying to let a fwew that the military will lay hand on to suffer
    / nice speach
    but please watch out and talk sentively
    a good revolution is soppose to be organise
    dont warn them
    pleed with them
    let the police know you are organising a revolution
    cos when you revooult without informing the security
    the police take advantage and say you are creating poblick disoder
    which acording t the constition of the republic of cameroon is a crime.
    alway tell the cmooisional of police
    go with the press
    if you fear harrasement
    its the right of the people to strike
    but the srike has to be organise
    and a plan set. its goals and bajectives
    reorganise yourself
    i like your courage
    you can make it
    we can make it

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