Genocide in Ivory Coast as French and U.N soldiers are paid millions to keep the peace

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Image by via Flickr

Achu Tamba Chi Muluh & Julius Che,

Reporting from Abidjan

As the United Nations feels that Outtarra is the best man to rule Ivory Coast, his men (militias) have hidden under the UN resolution 1975 to bring untold hardship to Gbagbo’s opponents. Infront of the very eyes of the French and UN forces, Outtarra’s men are ingaged in Genocidal acts once seen only in Rwanda in 1994. Is this not western hypocracy to believe that as the Rwandans are planning a 17 years remembrance of untold brutality ever witnessed against the human race, the UN and France in Ivory Coast are still exercising thesame lukeworm attitude as Ivorians are being Butchared, and burnt in the name of regime change.

The action of Outtarra’s militia in Duekoue on their match to Abidjan is something that no individual, not to talk of an organisation like the UN can tolerate. Instead of the UN indulging in France’s war by bombarding Laurant Gbagbo’s residence, they should put enough energy to discipline Outtara’s forces who are acting more of a militia and petit bandits than a liberation force.

France intentions in Ivory Coast are load and visible – Coco business and huge banking investment which Laurant Gbagbo has naturalised. To this, they need Outtara to reverse their futune and prolong not only the aspect of neo-colonialism in French African, but simply turning Africa into la ‘France Autre Mer’. Everywhere across Abidjan, copses  lie rotten on the streets and there is a potential threat of disease outbreak, especially Cholera. As forces of Outtara take seige of Gbagbo’s presidential residence assisted by UN and French Bombardment, Gbagbo remians resiliant, defiant and unwilling to give up power. He has instead chosen to carry the fight back to the UN and Outtara as his forces launched a counter attack at the Hotel where Outtara is hold up. Gbagbo believes he has a right to defend himself and country against Outtara and the French whom he consider as outsiders and non ivorians.

In so far as Gbagbo remains defiant, Outtara and the French just have to wait or reconsider an alternative. This is because, if Gbagbo is killed, Outtara looses the right to become Ivory Coast president according to the Country’s constitution. The constitution holds that, if the president afscorn or dies, it is the president of the National Assembly that takes over. For now, Gbagbo is still the president having being sworn in by the Constitutional council. So he holds this joker close to his heart as the game continues.

Ivory Coast and Libya is a lesson all shoulkd learn. It is better time the UN should engage all dictators in Africa and the Middle East with equal force as is in Ivory Coast and Libya or just shut up when another country turns bloody. They should not forget that Cameroon is on the pipeline and who knows next.

The UN should not sit and allow history judge it. Outtara’s forces should be reigned in and the French agenda of regime change be reversed. Let it be the business of Ivorians and not that of the French. Let France not drag other nations into their greedy war. Posterity shall be history.

Ivory Coast once the hub of peace and business in Sub Saharan Africa has degenerated into a xianophobic confict just because one powerful nation called France has lost its grip as a colonial power and wants to re-instate in with whatever means necessary as stated in its sponsored UN Resolution 1975.


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