Yaounde political Tsunami shifted to a later date

Dear Cameroonians and Southern Cameroonians,

As a result of serious communication and intelligence leaks by one of our confident Eugiene Messape Ndongfack, the Biya Must Go team is suspending with immediate effect all planned protest in all regions of Cameroon including the Yaounde 20 May Boulevard.

This decision to postponed the start of the Biya Must Go protest was taken after careful evaluation of specific classified information submitted to the Biya Must Go network team by our ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ in the Biya’s administration. All our ground coordinators including student leaders and some opposition parties and military personels have been duly informed.

This decision is being taken with strict consideration to avoid our young pupils and students who are being manipulated by the regime, from being used as human shields during 20 May celebration as is being planned by Biya’s regime. There is a clear intelligence that Messape who purpoted to be a Law student of the Yaounde University II Soa is actually a an informant of the regime and a member of Presby.

We regret this postponement, but a broader and effective plan is now being drawn by our team and intelligence.

May i hereby thank the courageous who have worked with us these past months and our students fellows who stood solidly behind our plans and actions. Our representatives in the Cameroon military and police and thousands of volunteers who have registered to answer the call of duty. Together, we shall overcome

Julius Che

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