Presidential opportunist or political vampire

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  1. Julius Che says:

    Special editorial on Ben Muna begins on Tuesday June 28, 2011

    Ben Muna has longed nursed this day to declare his intention of being Cameroon’s next president. The ambition is not bad, but the idea behind the ambition is the devils mind set. This is a guy who did all in his powers, even cajoling the regime after the 1992 presidential to enforce a state of emergency in Bamenda and placing his boss John Fru Ndi under house arrest. This is a guy who connived with Siga Asanga, and then Mahamat Suleyman to unseat Fru Ndi as head of the SDF through crook. This is the man, who hired thugs to ramshackle the SDF secretariat resulted in the death of the Yaounde former SDF coordinator, ending into a kangaro indictment of SDF militants and other Hierarchy. This is the same man that staged a coup while as deputy prosecutor of the International War Crime Tribunal in Rwanda to unseat his boss which later resulted in his sacking. This is the same man who was unable to face genuine elections through the ballot box in the SDF and instead decided to form his own political party because of grid.

    It is this same grid that his late father and former speaker of the Cameroun National Assembly Hon. Solomon Tandeng Muna exhibited in his 3 decade romance with la republic du Cameroun. Thesame betrayal of John Ngu Foncha, Solomom Ngum Jua, Albert Mukong, and his instigation and double standards that resulted in the destabilization of the UPC who sought refuge in the Southern Cameroons as brothers. For Pa Muna’s 3 decades at the helm of the National Assembly in Yaounde, he could only pride himself before his death with a production prison in Mbengwi. Even the lyceum in Mbengwi (Cananda) was offered through the efforts of John Ngu Foncha. Little wonder that Ngembo village just some 5 km from the Bamenda provincial headquarters is connected by a dusty road in the dry season, with potholes and mud in the rainy season. Will Ben follow the foot steps of his dad? the overwhelming answer is yes. How, this is because even his younger sister Ana Muna who was head of the social ministry in Cameroon failed to deliver and instead decided to play the role of a tribes woman.

    The Muna’ s are curse not only to the Southern Cameroons, but for the entire Cameroon political process. Here comes Ben with his lies and deceits that he will exercise just one term and usher in a new era of reconciliation and reconstruction. Who does he want to reconcile with and which reconstruction does he want to undertake? This question is to unraveled two hidden veils on the face of the just wedded bride. First, you can not reconcile what your entire family orchestrated and executed for the last 56 years, and you can never reconstruct what you failed to construct. Had it been that Ben separated himself from his father’s past, it would have been understood, but he is simply a replica of Solomon Tandeng Muna who was unable to assist even his immediate distant family in a Country that was pregnant with wide spread corruption and tribalism. Ben with a well calculated intention after having failed in using Siga Asanga to destroy Fru Ndi went on an open political tsunami to destroy the only worthy opposition Cameroonians had and believed in. He used crook and crock in a diabolic attempt to unseat the so-called illiterate they used in launching the SDF; since their own lives were worthier than Fru Ndi’s and no one wanted to die. Small wonder that Fru became a rock in their flesh and more intelligent than their professors, doctors and lawyer degrees. Anglophone Cameroonians and the entire political spectra in Cameroon should rise up with one voice and say no to another Muna.

    In the next coming days, Freedom Magazine will be carrying out a special editorial on the man Ben Muna. This special report will represent the entire genesis of the Muna’s and why Ben will never be the right candidate to dethrone emperor Paul Biya Mbi Mvondo from power. This is because, both belongs to the same face of the coin

    Do not miss this exciting discussion which we strongly encourage our readers to actively participate in through direct comments or by sending their contribution to the editor via e-mail : /and or/

    Thank you
    Julius Che

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