2008 crack down on armless civilians in Cameroon

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  1. Fridolin Bam says:

    It is good you used the word crackdown because it deals with illegal actions. The police went out to maintain law and order by intimidation and not aggression or use of brutality on civilians. Civilians were being instrumentalised by a group of individuals seeing to cause uprising in the country and such initiatives cannot be allowed to yield fruits in our country.

    1. Julius Che says:

      It is good to stand for what you believe in, but it is ignorance to ignore what is ‘Just’ . Freedom always come with a price, i.e. either the tale or the head shall be chopped off from the body. This time, it shall be the head because it is a Peoples’ Revolution . Cameroon is not and shall never be an exception in an era where change is inevitable. Maybe the time was not ripe in February 2008, but eternity is out of the question because it takes just the strength of a ‘bold’ to ingite ‘ Tariq Square’ in Cameroon. That day is not far again and all shall be history thereafter. Thank you for your comment

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