Invisible Children’s Jason Russell on KONY 2012

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. Know GO says:

    The narrato’s a creep. the flick was funded by the ultra-rich EUGENICS mongering
    Rockefellers. It’s designed to pull your chain and promote MORE UN military invasions
    of resource rich third world nations.

    Understnad, the UN is NOT and NEVER was a public charity.

    It was conceived, funded, founded and is still directed by EUGENISTS.

    It’s stated aim is siezure of resources —establishment of authorian world government
    —and the ‘orderly extermination’ of 90% of mankind by 2100. ON RECORD.

    KONY, such as he is, is a side show of a side show.

    The UN meanwhile has been directly responsible for the deaths of 7 MILLION
    Africans in Ugana alone!

    SO —BEWARE ‘KONY’ —it’s a capstone CON JOB.

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