Paul Biya Appoints new regional Governors

President Paul Biya of Cameroon signs the gues...

Since his return from Geneva President Paul Biya has continued to sign decrees rolling the heads of some of his close collaborators. After sacking Directors of some public institutions, he on Wednesday signed a decree appointing regional governors, maintaining some and putting some on retirement:

Below is the full list of Governors:

  • South West: Okalia Bilai Bernard
  • East: Samuel Ivaha Diboua
  • Far North: Augustine Fonka Awa
  • Littoral: Beti Joseph Assomo
  • North: Joseph Wilson Ottou
  • North West: Adolphe Lele L’afrique
  • West: Miji Iyawa Bakari
  • South: Jues Marcelin Njaga
  • Adamawa: Abakar Ahamat
  • Centre: Eyene Nlomb Rojer Moise

8 Comments Add yours

  1. For safety purpose make sure u post wisely

  2. NKONDA says:

    What is his qualification and i too will like to be the president when the present would have died in active service cuz his always a youth.

  3. Eyenga Marthe says:

    The time for feasting has passed and the new governors have a heavy duty of ensuring the implementation of all the new reforms undertaken and policies made to give Cameroon a new image.

  4. edmond says:

    did he also sack one of the traitor of southern cameroon fai yengo?we all know about lake nyos

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