As April 14, 2013 draws closer, much has been said about ELECAM and the supreme court impersonsting for the constitutional council and, much also forgotten about the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization (MINAT), the defacto ELECAM. The transcript of else while minister of MINAT Marafat Hamidou Yaya turned ‘Kondegui’ prolific writer and critic says it all; “MINAT still runs Cameron’s elections”. This irony slams the door to any credible elections in this central African ‘France outre mer’ country. However,  Late Mitterrand student Paul Biya is not the problem this time around but Cameron’s hungry Councillors who are too naive to embrace democracy by shunning Biya and cohorts.

Nontheless the absence of a true and convincing opposition makes the burden on Cameroonians even worse. Not until MINAT announced the presence of 200.000.000 frs CFA that eyebrows already raised as who is to embezzled what.  I feel the powers of the special criminal court irrespective of its romance with Biya should be broaden to cover corruption in the private sector. After all Cameroon is a defacto communist state made up of oligarchs like Fotso’s thus raising the question as to what is state or private ownership.
mbella moki  charlesBack on the senatorial elections, as witch hunting ravages the South West region implore by same person who created the ‘came no go graffi’ syndrome.  Is high time our courts reclassify the term ethnic cleansing to deter morons like Mbella Moki Charles (Buea Mayor and CPDM Baron) on his anti North West sentiments. We know Biya has won the elections because he still has to appoint 38 of Cameroon’s pension senators using his special prerogatives as per the January 1996 fragmented constitution.  But the other 62 should be genuine men and women though at their dying ages who can create a balance with the house of assembly a ‘Nordese’ inheritance.
Small wonder is the defacto constitutional council trying to appease its master Biya by bringing the CPDM lists back into play in the North, and going by the say ‘SCRASH MY BACK I SCRASH YOUR OWN’  offering the West region to the SDF as a thank you for participating and making the polls legitimate.
Let’s wait and see what happens next

Julius Che reporting from Nottingham;  UK

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