ADF is ready to defend Ambazonia

Ambazionians were ordered by a colonial administrator (SDO) for Manyu to go on exile or be killed. Despite defending the authenticity of his declaration of war, a second colonial administrator (Governor) went on the air and claimed the declaration was fraudulent. Sensing that his action contravenes international human rights and humanitarian law and for fear that it could be interpreted as ethnic cleansing, the SDO has joined the governor to questioned the authenticity of his own declaration. What the colonial administrators have failed to realised is that Ambazonians have been embolden and are prepared to defend their neighbourhood (block by block) against the forces of occupation.

Ever since the CIC comrade Dr Ayaba Cho Lucas visited ADF ground forces in Ambazonia, these brave young men and women have gone on the offence against a high tech military of Cameroun. The occupying forces of Cameroun and their colonial administrators prop up by France are only now learning how determined the quest for independence is (at all cost). Freedom Magazine can confidently report that the ADF has activated its right to self defence and will treat all la Republique’s forces and administrators in Southern Cameroons as enemies of war. ADF has also pledged to resect the Geneva Convention on War. Since Cameroun has exported a colonial war to Ambazonia with intention to carry out genocide, ADF is planning to export the war to the gates of Unity Palace in Yaoundé.

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