Freedom is not given, it must be demanded

As Ambazonians brainstorm on the options to end the annexation of their territory by Biya and la Republique’s du Cameroun, evidence is pilling up re occupation will only end by the argument of force. Its time to end the infighting and factionalism by rallying support for the most convincing plan of action. Tell the leaders…

ADF is ready to defend Ambazonia

Ambazionians were ordered by a colonial administrator (SDO) for Manyu to go on exile or be killed. Despite defending the authenticity of his declaration of war, a second colonial administrator (Governor) went on the air and claimed the declaration was fraudulent. Sensing that his action contravenes international human rights and humanitarian law and for fear…

Crtv propaganda went wrong

Crtv fear for being left behind by a bold Camerounese private press has reluctantly joined the debate

Ambazonians slaughtered by la Republique du 🇨🇲 Cameroun

Nkom Noel (Mbakem, Ejagham) Tal Elvis Ebngoh (Oku, ) Bafron Frankline Mbunda (Oku, shot on chest) Okwaniye Cletus (Akwaya) Ngu Terence (Ikiliwindi, ) Enow Rellis (Kumba) Benjamin Amin (Kumba) Ojah-Zah Leonard Sone (Tombel,) Ndep Arrey Nkiri (Eyumojock, ) Chelepakong Peter (Lebialem, ) Valentine Ebekwa (Muyuka) Numfor Phidelis (Bafut, ) Tabe Elvis (Ekona) Che Ephraim Fukah…

Ghost town continues

Southern Cameroons The North West and South West regions stand tall together. We cannot be fooled again. We shall resist until the last person.        


Memorandum presented to the head of state, his excellency president PAUL BIYA, by the bishops of the ecclesiastical province of BAMENDA on the current situation of unrest in the northwest and southwest regions of Cameroon

Coalition of unwilling

Roadmap to the Restoration of Independence (Opportunist or Legitimate?) Launch of a well-coordinated Campaign of Civil Disobedience to De-legitimize Colonialism by boycotting all events organized and/or presided by Governors, Senior Divisional Officers, Divisional Officers, and/or Government Delegates. Campaign declares null and void the powers conferred by decree (not flowing from the people) on these colonial…

October 1, 2015

SCNC/SCYL UK were at No. 10 Downing Street, London, 1st October 2015

Cameroon & the death penalty

Today is October 1 and Southern Cameroonians across the Diaspora and in the Southern Cameroons will be in action against a brutal regime. In the Southern Cameroons, this year’s event comes in the backdrop of the New terrorism law whose only purpose is to silence dissent and curtail fundamental Freedoms of free speech, assembly, expression and…

When Cameroun rewards torturers

By Lucas Cho Ayaba In the last few months, Biya has promoted the three officers in Bamenda who kidnapped and tortured Numvi Walters, Nche Clovis, Nkongso Stephen and Andrew Tabufor. These men were rewarded like other notorious criminals who have inflicted pain on our people for their brutality and ultra vires actions in the discharge…