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Freedom Magazine

Writing is an art, but journalism requires the ability and courage to withstand police brutality, intimidation, falsehood, bias and manipulation. This is the mantle of fearless and investigative journalism you need to bring the news to your readers and audience as it happens. This is Freedom Magazine standing up for the oppress people of Ambazonia and other dictatorship across the world. Freedom Magazine, is one of Africa's most independent online Gazettes representing wholly the 'voice in the wilderness'. The oppressed and suppressed who are afraid or lack the medium to tell their stories. We speak for them by telling their stories to the world. With a team of fearless, tireless and dedicated men and women, we bring to you uncensored news, events, stories and reports across the world as they happen. Be the first to know by Joining our team of dedicated men and women or become a voice for freedom today by joining us. Sign to freedom Magazine and champion our cause. Publish and advertise with us or become a contributor. The Publisher and Editor-in-chief of Freedom Magazine, Julius Che holds a LL.M Laws, MA Social Work, Post Master in Health Policy, Practice Educator & several Diplomas in Good Governance and Human Rights. Thesis on “The Paradigm of Torture in International Human Rights Law”.

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