Breaking news on Southern Cameroons

  Breaking news coming out of Southern Cameroons says Pa Mola Njoh Litumbe is presently under house arrest, 100 be-serge Nigerian Consulate in Buea to pressure immediate release of comrades already under detention as millions pour into Buea for the long awaited declaration. More details coming

After 28 years, Biya seeks emperorship in Cameroon

CPDM 3rd Ordinary Congress : General Policy speech byPaul Biya, Head of State, CPDM National President at the Yaounde Conference Centre, 15th September 2011. Read  further HERE, Clinton’s caution to Biya and other dictators and tyrants across Africa

President Paul Biya of  Must Go

Southern Cameroons leaders speak out in DC

Editorial by Achu Tamba Different in style, approach, tactics and charisma, fate has brought them together, so they must speak with one voice if The Southern Cameroons should follow the foot steps of South Sudan come October 1, 2011, ‘yes we can‘, President Barack Obama . Download resolution HERE

Achu Tamba Muluh talks to Freedom Magazine

Dr. Tebo: You just told me that you are a freelance reporter and you were covering a story that has just resurfaced about the regime of Cameroon  failing to meet up with her international obligations vis a vis refugees from some west and central African regions who are currently seeking protection. What really are these…

African news update

Prof victor Anomah Ngu is no more (courtesy of crtv Cameroon) Mr and Mrs Eto’o Fils of Cameroon (courtesy of Cameroon born Christopher Che, appointed Member of President Obama’s Council on Jobs & Competitiveness Cameroun Présidentielle 2011 TFF & Foundation Radio in Bamenda (Courtesy TFF Senegal in political crisis (All Robert Mugabe…

Documents on Southern Cameroons

Anglophone Marginalisation and the Irony of 20th May Celebrations in Cameroon 1997 Bachelor of Laws Dissertation (University of Buea, Cameroon) Consolidated Charter of the Scyl (Southern Cameroons Youth League) SCYL Press Release. Belgium 2010 (Southern Cameroons Youth League) The Banjul Case (Southern Cameroons versus la republique du Cameroun) Fact sheet S.Cameroons> (History of the British…