Cameroon at brink of civil war

Download this article on Anglophone second class role in a dominant Francophone society in PDF Anglophone marginalisation & the irony of 20th May celebrations in Cameroon or scribd in

The Hague Pentecost conference

The African  Catholic Church community in the The Hague is happy to invite you to a Pentecost conference that will be held at the Brandstraat 89 from the 6 up to the 12 of June 2011.  Download full programme here Pentecost Conference June 2011

Yaounde political Tsunami shifted to a later date

Dear Cameroonians and Southern Cameroonians, As a result of serious communication and intelligence leaks by one of our confident Eugiene Messape Ndongfack, the Biya Must Go team is suspending with immediate effect all planned protest in all regions of Cameroon including the Yaounde 20 May Boulevard. This decision to postponed the start of the Biya…

Not even 50 generals will keep Biya beyond 2011

They are: Chief of Staff of the Infantry, Major General Baba Souley Chief of staff of the National Fire Brigade, Brigadier General Mahamat Ahmed Chief of staff of the Navy, contre-amiral Jean Mendoua Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Brigadier General Jean Claude M. crtv Yaounde

Paul Biya pulling Cameroon slowly into civil war

Stop tyrant- dictator Paul Biya on May 20th in Yaounde The Fourth Edition of the book “Paul Biya, The People Call” was presented on Monday, 18th of April 2011 at the Yaounde Hilton Hotel by PM Philemon Yang. In the prologue Philemon Yang argues that if Cameroonians choose the right candidate for the Presidency of…

Message to members of ycpdm and presby

The Paul Biya Must Go action group is giving the members of the YCPDM and Presby and all others still sitting on the fence an opportunity to join the revolution in Cameroon. You still have the opportunity to make a difference for your country than being taken hostage by a dead, barbaric and corrupt regime….

‘Biya Must Go’ working Conference, The Hague

Biya Must Go working Conference, The Hague, posted with vodpod The faces, voices and identity of the committee members of the” Biya Must Go team” have not be filmed or published for security reasons. This high level meeting was held at the ISS-Erasmus in the Hague, The Netherlands. It has as participants, delegates from Cameroon,…

We have taken a stand against slavery

We have taken a stand against slavery, posted with vodpod CNN producer note Julius Che, a Ph.D. student living in The Hague, Netherlands, is originally from Cameroon, where he says child labor and sex slavery is prevalent. ‘My children may represent the face and voice of all children who have been abused or are being…