Statement of Bih Ngeagah

My name is Nde, B.N.S., I was born in September 1995 in the Ambazonia city of Mankon Bamenda, Cameroon. I am a qualified teacher, photographer and reporter for Freedom Magazine, an online news outlet dedicated to representing the voiceless and unrepresented people of Ambazonia (Southern Cameroons). Freedom Magazine was founded by my older brother Julius Che (Activist, Jurist and Journalist) and the Online Magazine has been a force in exposing Cameroon’s Government’s atrocities in Ambazonia, and attempts in trying to cover up and de-legitimatised the current events of violence and genocide on the ground by using fake news, photos and distorted imaging and video.

As a freelance journalist living and working in a war zone, there is ongoing pressure with an increased demand for journalist to acquire professional skills and knowledge in photography 3D imaging given the polarise nature of an ongoing civil war currently taking place in Anglophone Cameroon. The need for acquiring professional photography skills is important as Freedom Magazine is currently working on a project (Chronology) in documenting all human rights atrocities in the North West and South West regions that would be required to provide vital photo and video evidences when Ambazonia presents its case at the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the United Nations Security Council.

I am a lover of art as a teacher and taking beautiful pictures is a hobby I cherish and love to do with my pupils during excursions and school trips. Accessing professional training in this area will provide a more detailed insight into the technicalities as well as provide the knowledge in software use in achieving best outcome. It’s a desired wish to start a career as a professional photography after successful completion of the required training.


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