Prison Graduate Pa Zacharia Khan passes on

Pa khan zackaria Ndifet was arbitrary arrested in march 1997 with several southern Cameroonian following a plot by La Republique Cameroun exterminate southern Cameroonians .It should be recalled that many southern Cameroonians were tortured , killed, arrested and rendered homeless as elucidated in the killings and destructions of homes in Oku-Bui county. It ended with…

Say no! to 20 May Celeberations

MAINTAINING OPPRESSION “…there are the self-fulfilling prophecies in which the behavior of the oppressed, resulting from their oppression is used by the oppressor to justify the oppression; and the distorted relation between the oppressor and the oppressed”. (Morton Deutsch) WHY ANGLOPHONES (SOUTHERN CAMEROONIANS) Should never celeberate “20th May”

SCYL Charter

Charter of the Southern Cameroons Youth League Download in PDF >>CONSOLIDATED CHARTER OF THE SCYL<<

SCYL 2010 Brussels International Convention

Resolutions >S.C.Y.L Scretariat The National Executive Committee of the Southern Cameroons Youth League (SCYL) met in an exclusion session from the 24-28 February 2010 in The Netherlands and Belgium under the chairmanship of Ebenezer Derek Mbongo Akwanga, Jr. The National Executive took stock of the following issues… Download PDF Version >>PRESS RELEASE. BELGIUM 2010 RESOLUTION<<…